I decided to create this blog about a place I think I know and a place I desire to know more of …España! 
My goal is not to create another boring travel blog nor a when, where, what and how travel guidebook. My desire is to prepare readers for the unexpected which in essence is SPAIN; thus the title of my BLOG Iberia Improvisada (Improvised Iberia)! Hopefully, this blog will assist others that wish to improvise their next travel experience!

9 Responses to welcome.bienvenido

  1. Eliud Alayon says:


  2. D Everett says:


  3. Yvonne Strahle says:

    Hey, Hope you and Moody have a great trip……Behave, or at least try to.

  4. Adrian Aguirre says:

    🙂 Hola!

  5. Vincent Davis says:

    I see you are having a blast!!! Enjoy…

  6. Maria Garcia says:

    Cocina….get to it, you have so much knowledge to share! Loved our conversation today.

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